Wind Farm Project
Rob, our Cairns manager, has been working on the construction of a new wind farm project for the last few months. Located 10km south of Mareeba QLD. Great photos are showing the progress of the construction, nearly at its completion. Find out more about our services follow the link below:
Lambert gravitational centre
Lambert gravitational centre 📍️ Officially, there is no centre in Australia. Five possible centre points of Australia can be calculated using various different methods. 1. Centre of gravity method 2. Lambert gravitational centre 3. Furthest point from the coastline 4. Median point 5. Johnston Geodetic Station Light reading on this topic can be found here:…/centre-of-australia-states-territori… Recently […]
I-Site Laser Scanner – New road alignment design
This week Kaspar and Duminda have been busy operating our I-site laser scanner for a new road alignment design. In the photos, you can see the results displayed as either level (low red to high blue), intensity (red high, blue low) and photographic.
Katherine Gorge 3D laser scan
Last week Jonathan and Codie had a great experience in Katherine Gorge that involved using our 3D laser scanner 💥to survey existing walkways. Both enjoying the beautiful dry season weather, with an early boat ride down the Katherine River. A fresh morning minimum temperature of 10°C🌡️ was a change from the regular warmth of Darwin. The scanning […]
3D Terrestrial Laser Scanning in SA.
3D Terrestrial Laser💥 Scanning in SA. Jonathan from our Darwin office had a great excuse to get out of the office and travel🛫 to SA this month, for a job that required using our 3D terrestrial laser scanner. Cross Solutions has recently been contracted to conduct it’s laser scanning services south-east of Adelaide for Teys Naracoorte, one […]
A Day In Alice Springs
One of our surveyors had the experience ✈️ to spend the day Laser Scanning? a resort in Alice Springs ( The Desert of Australia ?️) famous for its Red sand and the iconic Uluru. Thanks Jonathan for the great shots ? If you would like to know more about our laser scanning capability. Check out […]
Chibnall Rd 5km Road Survey
'Detail' survey of Chibnall Rd and placing new control
Keep River Road
Cross Solutions is proud to be involved with work at Keep River Road