Cross Solutions are a strong established consultancy of more than 20 years standing.

We have well trained,experienced and committed staff that will assist you in delivering your projects.

Our mission is to always perform professionally and ethically to satisfy the needs of our clients with successful innovation and continually improving our products and services.

We are concerned with health and safety at work and the protection of the environment. We provide employees with safe working conditions, procedures and practices to protect themselves, other employees and the general public from the risk of injury and ill health and to preserve the natural environment.

We undertake every survey under our third party audited quality management system, which involves the use of systematic, planned and cost effective procedures that determine, assess and achieve quality and value in compliance with the requirements of our clients

Our operations have an effect on the local, regional and global environment and as a consequence we are committed to improving our environmental performance and the prevention of pollution.

We advocate the fair and lawful treatment of all potential employees,clients and any other persons we have an association with.