Cross Solutions played a small part in helping the community to clean up the coastline beach of Arnhem land. We worked alongside many other small business and corporations and their hardworking families.

The clean-up army had a successful day and removed around 1.5 tonnes of debris from the beaches! Truly amazing!! With everyone’s, hard work they achieved approximately 2.5km of clean beaches.

It’s wonderful to see how the community can get together, with events such as this, to help make our home beautiful and keep our beaches sand clean and free of rubbish!

They had a successful day, all thanks to the people who spent their weekend cleaning the beaches, nothing shows a strong community better.

What a great effort from all who attended this event! If your local community puts on an event like this, be sure to join, every helping hand helps and can make a big difference!

Unfortunately for this once pristine coastline, they have become a dumping ground from the coastal tides that bring in huge volumes of ocean debris and rubbish from Australia and Overseas.

This rubbish has made its way into the ocean, from poor choices of individuals to the debris from tsunami destruction.

Think twice before you buy! say no to single-use plastic!

Here are some photos below of all the amazing people that help with the cleanup! Great job to all who were involved!