A drone survey project was conducted out of our far north QLD office last week.

Here are some images that were taken by our Phantom 4 overlooking the water ski park in Babinda, located just under an hours drive from Cairns.

The town is noted for its proximity to Queensland’s two highest mountains Mount Bartle Frere & Mount Bellenden Ker as it’s positioned just below the base of each. This also results in reliable rainfall for the town making it one of the wettest in Australia, not that you would think that looking at these photos.

The project was to conduct a mapping mission of the area, with the plan to generate some drawings of the site, stay tuned in the coming weeks for the final product.

Check out the video below!

Did you know we have a team of full-time staff based in Far North QLD, so if you require any help with your project or just want us to offer guidance, give us a call, or you can always look at our services page on our website.