Manu recently worked on a Boundary Re-establishment project located in the Darwin suburbs to re-peg a boundary using our TS16. The work involves redefining and marking out on the ground (with either a peg or paint) the boundary on the title plan against the certificate of title. This service is beneficial in a variety of situations such as:

  • New Building development to ensure correct building offsets to boundaries.
  • Re-fencing
  • Design of civil and building works

At Cross Solutions, we offer a range of property & cadastral survey including, property identification, boundary re-establishment (as above) subdivision & land development and crown land easements, if you want to find out more give us a call (1300 427 677) and find out if we can help assist with your project.

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Did you know?! Many of the areas around Darwin and the NT have been given their names, after the surveyors who once mapped and setout the regions some 150 years ago.