Cross Solutions is proud of the achievements of both Dwayne Maymuru and Levisha Munyarryun from the Gulkula Region Training Centre.

We were lucky to work with Dwayne and Levisha over the last couple of months as part of their work experience placements. This included helping out our Gove team by flagging survey areas and logging GPS points for a control network.

Our manager Simon Strickett was honoured to attend their graduation where Levisha and Dwayne finished top of their class with excellence, well done.

We are also thrilled to welcome Dwayne to the Cross Solutions family through a traineeship, while Levisha has joined the processing team with Rio Tinto.

Congratulations to all the Gulkula students and in particular Dwayne and Levisha. 
Nhamirri bukmak ga nhi Dwayne Maymuru ga Levisha Munyarryun nhuma Gulkulangu wanagu Djamamingu nhuma margidhina latju gungala . dhiyaku mulkurrwu ga bukuwurrban nhumalanha . ga nhumalagala nhuma djamayu djulkmaragala. Walala bukuwurrban yukurra nhugu Levisha ga Dwayne manmak miridhirri nhumalagu . walayukurra bukuwurrban Cross Solutions yu nhumalanha rambagi Gulkulanha ga djamamirrinha . ga Dwaynenha ga Levishanha . nhuma yurru dharra rrambagi