Manu at it again working with one of our most versatile pieces of equipment. The very-flash Z+F 5016 3D laser scanner!

What once stood buildings, now lies stockpiles of industrial waste. These piles now require a survey to calculate the volume of waste produced from the demolition. The problem with this type of material, is the irregular profile it leaves, as it does not create nice smooth stockpile profiles as you would typically find in mining, bulk earthworks or civil construction.

Smooth stockpiles are just fine to survey with conventional methods of top and toe strings. However, to get accurate volumes for the material in these photos, laser scanning is a better approach as it records thousands of points across the surface of the stockpile resulting in a model that better represents the true shape of the pile.

Our project was to scan and report back with volumes of the stockpiles and from using one of our laser scanners to do the job, the final product speaks for itself.

This equipment can offer many great things to the surveying industry with its ability to assist in producing a fast response, 360 field view, highly accurate results even with long distances and many more features.

Looks like Manu is enjoying working with equipment and continuing to produce great outcomes for our clients.