We provide a comprehensive drafting service, specialising in cartographic drafting.

Third party data sets very useful sources of information, generally they have a generic purpose but can be manipulated to satisfy specific criteria, this data can be used in preliminary planning and assessment of your projects. We can assist in allowing you to use these data sets by:

  • Statistical analysis of accuracy.
  • Filter and segregate data, so it can be layered to be used more effectively.
  • Digitise from hard copy.
  • Production of thematic mapping to suit your purpose.
  • Transformation of mapping grids.
  • Aerial photography overlays.
  • Raster to vector.
  • Design visualisation.

Cross Solutions can provide you with both hard and soft copy that gives you the ability to properly assess and represent your projects.

So please touch base with us if these services can help you.

Drafting & Visualisation