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ISO:9001 Quality Management Certified, Cross Solutions are a company that takes pride in producing client satisfaction through quality products and services. First class equipment, leading processes, and innovative approaches leads to our clients getting the very best in service and engineering survey results.

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Engineering design relies on good base information, the designer must have all the facts in front of them, so good decisions can be made. Cross Solutions provide clear and concise survey information, under the following categories:

  • Detail Engineering Surveys
  • Digital Terrain Modelling
  • Surface Comparison
  • Audit Surveys
  • Material In-Situ Volumes
  • Section Extraction (Long Section & Cross Section)
  • Best Fit Alignments
  • Deformation Monitoring
  • Dimensional Control
  • Construction Quantities

We have successfully completed numerous engineering surveys, so if you require high-quality integral information in the specified formats. We can help you. Ready to Go

Engineering survey a surveyor on the job

Major Past & Current Engineering Survey Projects

  • Darwin LNG – INPEX Liquified Natural Gas Plant Construction
    • Link to project details: Ichthys LNG Project Website
    • Workforce: >7000
    • Estimated Project cost: $34 billion
    • Role: Key engineering support to civil contractor
  • Gove Alumina Refinery Stage 3 Expansion
    • Prefabricated module weight: 4000t
    • Role: Sole surveying construction contractor
  • Rio Tinto Red Mud Pond Capping Project
    • Size: 60ha
    • Role: Auditing surveyors