Maningrida a coastal community located at the very top of Australia was requiring an interim survey, during a project to improve the local barge landing ramp (the primary freight link to the rest of the world for the town). The survey involved an as-constructed survey of the earthworks related to the access channel leading into the barge landing. The jobs specifics included survey set out of the ramp and remote-controlled bathymetric survey.

Safety is our concern so using this type of technology in the NT (or all areas of Australia that are home to crocodiles and other marine predators) is a must-have, you don’t have to get wet, the little boat does all the work. The data is fed back live to the surveyor and the position of the vessel is recorded by the total station seen in the photo below.

Because the robotic total station tracks the boat, precise results can be achieved, relative to the local construction control. This is important on a job like this, as the Australian Height Datum (~MSL), lowest astronomical tide and local tide gauges all give different reference to a different reference level for the construction.

By ensuring preliminary survey, design, construction and post-construction survey are all utilizing the same reference point, reduces the change greatly of mistakes being made by stakeholders adopting a different height datum.

We put the same care and thought into all projects, small & large, in town and remote.

Here is some info about the equipment/ software used on Hydrographic survey

  • “Bathy Logger” a Small polypropylene hand launchable craft for shallow and sheltered water surveys where no boat ramp access exists.
  • Leica GPS and Robotic Total Stations in conjunction with Leica CS20 Field Controller for positioning and data capture.
  • Hydromagic post-processing software with tide adjustment and echo-sounder return filtering.

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