Keeping Busy in 2020

Tiwi Islands – Milikapiti

Manu and Cain our surveyors have recently completed work on Tiwi Islands, more specifically in Milikapiti. The job composed survey of 4 lots and the surrounding roads using both GPS and total station. Plans were produced to show all assets and infrastructure in and surrounding the lots.

Flightpath Rd & Vaughan St 

As-constructed survey of the newly built road to improve water drainage, as water currently wouldn’t drain sufficiently fast enough on the road. The result was to get rid of the existing bitumen and spread new asphalt according to a newly modified design.

Total station was used to assess the pavement by taking levels in a grid over the asphalt to determine the fall across the road.

Plenty Highway

This infrastructure project consists of the construction of 3 km of a dirt road that will be refurbished with sealing by a final spread of bitumen. Job consisted to establish accurate reference points or control points every 250m by using a digital level (dumpy) and traverse along through them, then a survey of the existing road was completed either side for the stretch of road.

Arnhem Hwy 

A 6km check of benchmarks along the Arnhem Hwy to assist with the construction of the new road that runs parallel to the existing one.. Levels in this area need constant checking as the ground is unstable given the road crosses through wetlands.

Katherine Showgrounds Amenities

Katherine showground will be receiving a new amenities building so we were called in from our Katherine office to assist with the set-out for the construction. This is done by placing marks offset from the design grids of the building so we placed 3m offset points from the corners of the building.

Katherine Detail Survey

Danisam was sub contracted to locate Underground assets, and as an addition to the conventional total station and GPS survey we flew a big section South of the job that with one of our survey drones.


Keeping busy in 2020

Keeping Busy in 2020Tiwi Islands - MilikapitiManu and Cain our surveyors have recently completed...

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