Construction survey in the heart of Arnhem Land, in a place called Maningrida.

Cross recently completed a bathymetric survey of the Maningrida barge landing and boat ramp, using our new remotely controlled bathymetric survey vessel, the BathyCat.

This piece of equipment comes with endless features and with it easy to use, but high tech capability the result are outstanding. Its a great new addition to the Cross fleet of unique tools and equipment.

Whether it be a lake, pond, or the sea our BathyCat is ready to go, with its small size allowing it to be flown or driven to the site with ease!

When operated by our qualified staff on your project, you will be amazed at the fast and accurate data for the final product.

A key feature is our ability to record and track in real-time, the position of the vessel via total station. This allows for high accuracy real-time positioning in the choppy seas or poor GPS coverage resulting in high-quality outputted terrain models.

We offer a range of remote-controlled survey vessels of varying size and capacity to ensure we can do the work, wherever it may be required, open water, lake, tailing pond or river system. Our vessels can operate fully autonomously, located by total station or GPS all decided by the environment and precision required.

See the final product below.

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