Image of the Water Pipeline before and during construction

Work has been completed improving water services in Gove. Our client requested Cross Solutions to undertake survey, design and engineering to upgrade their water pipeline. The result was a project that provided minimal impact to the public and minimal delays.

The project is 2km in length and 150mm in diameter, and as mentioned above Cross Solutions undertook all components from site survey, site services detection using ground penetrating radar, alignment and engineering design. We also worked alongside Goodline who installed the pipeline. The project delays were minimised by detecting all underground services and mobile laser scanning for any design clashes.

Some other key points in the main road crossing remained open during the survey thanks to using Maptek scanner and critical services avoided including, Telstra fibre optic line, high voltage power cables and main water line thanks to our Leica DS2000 ground-penetrating radar.

Design Plan1
Design Plan2
Maptek Drive Scan of pipeline alignment

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