Go back in history to 1861, when Newcastle Waters (back then was called Local Waters) was discovered on the 23 May 1861. Located off the Stuart Highway, around 8 hours drive from Darwin. The historic Jones Store is the oldest surviving structures in the former stock route and was built in the 1930s, and made from corrugated iron, bamboo and earth. Back in the day when in operation the store provided services including that of a butcher, baker, saddler and other items. The Jones Store provided services to the drovers who moved the cattle over the land which intersected in Newcastle Waters.

Jack and Rory completed an aerial survey and detail survey of the town, to locate all features of interest and provide aerial imagery of the site. while they were there, the staff did some sightseeing and found out about the history of the town.

Jones Store
Inside the store
Fruit and Ginger wedding cake
Back of the store
Info on the station
Old fuel pump
Memorial of a drover in memorial Park
Jones’s Store
Artie image
View looking over the town
View looking over the town