Demolition Volume Survey
Manu at it again working with one of our most versatile pieces of equipment. The very-flash Z+F 5016 3D laser scanner! What once stood buildings, now lies stockpiles of industrial waste. These piles now require a survey to calculate the volume of waste produced from the demolition. The problem with this type of material, is […]
Babinda Ski Park Drone Survey
A drone survey project was conducted out of our far north QLD office last week. Here are some images that were taken by our Phantom 4 overlooking the water ski park in Babinda, located just under an hours drive from Cairns. The town is noted for its proximity to Queensland’s two highest mountains Mount Bartle Frere & Mount […]
Fog Bay Project
The continuation of our project along Fog Bay Road last month had us send a crew out to conduct a survey in the Fog Bay area. During their early mornings, they were welcomed with continued fog and picturesque sunrises. When areas have been burnt out as shown below, this can help with making the work […]
Ship Hull High Resolution Laser Scanning
Cross had a project working at the fisherman wharf recently that involved using our high-resolution laser scanner ( Z+F Imager scanner). Manu spent the morning setting up the scanner to capture over 1 million points per second. Using this piece of equipment it allows us to conduct the job in a timely manner. Projects such […]
Babinda Rubber Duck Race
Members of Cross Solutions recently attended the Babinda rubber duck race, where we provided support with some videography from drone. This is a charity event held in conjunction with the Babinda Harvest Festival, the organisers run a race where 460 people bring a duck and for $20 get to race it for the chance to […]
National Park project near Jabiru
As the dry season comes to an end our directors the Cross brothers, teamed up for a National Park project near Jabiru last week that involved completing a drone survey in a remote area of West Arnhemland. While they stayed at the local caravan park in Jabiru wild pigs came in every evening looking for […]
Barkley Stock Route Completing a Survey
13 hours drive from Darwin is Barkley Stock Route. The Barkley Stock Route in the NT was pioneered by Nat Buchanan and known for the epic cattle drives of the past that passed through the area en route to Queensland. Manuel had a busy week on the Barkley Stock Route completing a survey on the […]
Fog Bay Road Survey
Working just out of Darwin along Fog Bay Road our survey crew of Juan and Grantley, met the resident salty at Sandpalms Roadhouse Tropical Motel The 4.6m croc was fed during their stay and gave them an opportunity to get nice and close for selfies. With the early starts out on the job, the fellas were […]